• Lynne Kornecki

Textile Artist, LINDA ZIZZO, Barrington, IL

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Silk scarf; 22 x 22-inches square; $44

GEMS, 22 x 22-inches square, silk; $44

GEMS, 22 x 22-inch square, silk; $44

Blue scarf measures 72 x 14 inches; 100% Silk Chiffon; $118

Multi-colored scarf measures 72 x 14 inches; Silk Crepe de Chine; $120

Artist Name: Linda Zizzo

Town: Barrington, IL

Medium: Batik-wax & dyes

Artist's Statement: "I am inspired by nature and the seasonal change of colors. There is a quiet beauty to weathered surfaces. The effects of the sun, wind and rain on natural materials produces unexpected textures and colors. Batik textile dyeing behaves very much in the same way. The mixture of wax, dyes, and fabric texture creates endless combinations of effects that are only revealed at the final step. Imperfections are an inherent part of the batik process adding to the beauty of the design."

Linda's work is GORGEOUS!! Her scarves are available for sale with a price range of $44 to $125 depending on several factors such as complexity of the design, time involved, dye colors used, size/shape, fabric (usually 100% silk). Other materials she uses are a silk blend with Merino wool or silk wool blends. Her work has been accepted into the 2020 UNCOMMON THREADS show produced each year by FINE LINE Creative ARTS Center in St. Charles, IL. Linda adds, "I've always had a passion for textiles. Creating these scarves is therapeutic and relaxing. There's always more to explore and learn with the process. I let the wax dictate the design and each one I create is a one-of-a kind -- totally unique."

EMAIL LINDA AT: lz.crisara@gmail.com for more information or to purchase a scarf.