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Pritzker Signs Bill Seeking New Illinois State Flag Design -- Check Out Scott Stantis' Suggestions!

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

SCOTT STANTIS, award-winning political cartoonist at the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, offers nine tongue-in-cheek Illinois flag designs in a 6/10/23 editorial. We selected four to feature. Here's Design #1: Dreaded orange cones, barrels, barricades and signage dot our roadways endlessly, even when we think we've gamed the system by going another way. HA! Think again. There's never clear sailing on the roadways ahead in Illinois! Scroll down to view three more...

If you’re not a regular Chicago Tribune newspaper reader, you might have missed this delightfully witty June 10, 2023, editorial spoofing a recent move in Springfield to adopt a new Illinois state flag design.

Yes, this is real, folks, Governor J.B. Pritzker actually signed a bill looking to set up a commission (there’s always a commission <eye roll>) to explore a new design. It is hoped it will be ready for presentation to the General Assembly by December 2024.

Award-winning editorial cartoonist, Scott Stantis, outdid himself with his take on the assignment offering up nine hilarious state flag options that reflect daily life in Illinois --four are pictured here. Thank you, Scott, for your irreverently funny (but so true) view of the “ills” of Illinois living – you've made our day!

So, hoist that pumpkin spice latte and toast to our colorful Illinois lives -- there's never a dull moment here! Now, for the Bears' season ahead...

Scott Stantis Design #2: Love this prison design dedicated to our many questionable elected officials -- past and present!

Scott Stantis Design #3...Yup, "Pay to Play" -- it's the Illinois way. Wait, is that Alderman Burke's suit cuff, by any chance?! Looks familiar...

Scott Stantis Design #4: How many of your friends and family have had enough and moved to Indiana, Tennessee, Florida?????

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